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Written by Claudia Halsband-Lenk   

Arctic Marine Science workshop flyer smallThis workshop is the 2nd in the UKPN Career Skills workshop series and will take place in Plymouth, UK, on the 12th-13th of October. It will focus on Arctic Marine Sciences and is aimed at young researchers at various career stages (from undergraduate to early faculty) who are going to be mentored by experienced researchers in the field. The program can be found here.


Registration for the workshop is free and early career scientists from all countries are eligible to apply upon joining UKPN. To register and express your interest in the workshop, please fill out the webform here by September 15th, 2009.

We are pleased that Plymouth Marine Laboratory will host this event and Prof. Stephen de Mora will open the workshop with a welcome address. Other confirmed mentors so far are Dr. Cynan Ellis-Evans (Arctic Office), Dr. Finlo Cottier from the Scottish Association of Marine Science (SAMS) and Dr. Warwick Vincent (University Laval, Quebec, Canada), an expert in Arctic microbial ecology, who will provide a Canadian perspective of Arctic Marine Science. Other scientific sessions are still being planned, and there will be a discussion on national and international collaboration/facilities/logistics and more. Check out the workshop poster - please distribute!

The goals of the workshop are to:
Encourage discussion of interdisciplinary research and exchange of ideas
Help initiate new collaborations
Promote arctic marine science and increase participants' scientific knowledge
Discuss the future of British Arctic Science
Provide career advice in polar marine science

As part of the workshop, training sessions in Communication and Outreach are being planned. Participants will be able to work with experts in organizing outreach actvities, interacting with the media, and communicating science to school children and the general public.
All participants are encouraged to actively participate in the workshop organization and volunteer as session chairs. Participants will also have the opportunity to present their own recent or planned research during a poster cruise in Plymouth Sound to be held onboard the "Spirit of Plymouth" including a buffet dinner.
While some funding is available to help cover some travel/accommodation expenses, we encourage participants to find other funding to cover these costs.
Many universities across England have so-called "Roberts Funds" provided by the government which will cover costs associated with transferrable skills training for postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers. The career skills training, presentation sessions, and Communication and Outreach training make this workshop a good candidate for such funding. Contact your department administror to find out more details.
If you would like to know more about the event, please send an email to clau1(at)pml.ac.uk and angelika.renner(at)polarnetwork.org.